Guest Contributor Feature in Mozi Magazine Film Edition

I’m am thrilled that White Ivory Photography has a guest contributor feature in Mozi Magazine film edition. The issue is being released tomorrow!

I was asked to participate in this issue as a guest contributor. So immediately, I said yes because the best part about it is that I get to speak a little bit about film photography. Film being my one of the things I love best about photography.

I briefly explain the advantages of shooting weddings with film. I then delve into the attributes I love most about film. The images from Alicia and Matt’s beautiful wedding you see below are all film images.

I started shooting film about two years ago. It was challenging to learn in the beginning because it is a completely different animal than digital photography. However, the process has been enlightening and I love learning new things. It’s pushed me to become a better photographer and I get to use this new skill and knowledge for my client work.

Guest Contributor Feature in Mozi Magazine Film EditionIf you’re a photographer toying with the idea of picking up a film camera, the film issue of Mozi Magazine is a great starting point for you! This edition is packed full of tips, advice on everything from camera systems to film stock and everything in between.
Here is my guest contributor feature (since it’s a little hard to read on the image):

“I am a hybrid shooter, therefore, I shoot with both medium format film and digital cameras. What I love most about shooting film is the the beautiful color that it achieves over digital. I mostly shoot using Fuji 400h professional film which provides me with that beautiful soft look. The other aspect that I really like about film is how well it handles light. It retains a lot of detail and it’s very difficult to blow out highlights. It’s really hard to put into words the feeling I get when I look at film photographs. It has a very ethereal quality, with a lot of richness and depth. The skin tones that film produces are really beautiful, with the peachy/rosy being my favorite. It’s important to work with your film lab to produce a color profile that is what you want your photographs to look like. Another huge advantage of using film over digital is that there is little to no editing to do. Having a great lab makes a big difference! What I have also enjoyed about shooting with film is that I have slowed down. I take my time to compose each shot, as with film, each time the shutter clicks it costs money.”

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