I was sitting right across from my boss and not a word came out of my mouth. Not even a minute into the presentation, he turned to me and said the new corporate video that I was working so hard on was not going to see the light of day. It was time to hit the road. I wanted to create a vision for MY own business.

Have you ever sat at your regular job day dreaming about the endeavor you really want to undertake? You know that where you are at that moment isn’t really where you want to be. 

Since I couldn’t be a professional traveller because clearly I wouldn’t make much of a living, or start a winery because I’m better at sipping wine than making it, I decided to go with photography! That sounds really bad, like I chose it on a whim. But trust me, I didn’t. I have been doing this about eight years now and am glad to say that I don’t take pictures of the ceiling anymore! 

I’m Sandra, your wedding photographer. I’ll be the one waking up the night before our session with ideas swirling about in my head. I can’t wait to share the day with you both.


Proud Member of Professional Photographers of America